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About Vim + Vigor

Our Mission

Our mission is to help build healthy bodies, lives, families and communities through fitness.

We love helping others improve their health, both physically and mentally, and have fun doing it! Our ultimate goal is to help improve the lives of our members through our passion and focus on health and fitness.

Our Core Values

Focus on health

We are committed to helping others improve their health, both physically and mentally, and making sure they have fun doing it!  Our ultimate goal is simple; to help improve the lives of our members through our passion and focus on health and fitness

Anyone and everyone

We are for you!  Every person should feel welcome and inspired at Vim + Vigor.  We are a gym for people of all fitness levels and eagerly help our members reach an incredible variety of goals.  Our company culture and hiring practices, the various neighborhoods and communities we serve, all inspire Vim + Vigor to celebrate diversity and become stronger through collaboration and listening.

Encourage progress, celebrate success

We push the envelope. We continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a company. We will always try new things, fail, learn, grow and succeed. We reach goals and set new ones, but remember to take time to celebrate the small victories and major accomplishments of our organization, employees, and members along the way.

Above and beyond

From the design of our gyms, equipment selection, cleanliness and convenience of our locations, to the friendliness and helpfulness of our Vim + Vigor team members, we go above and beyond for our members

Happy to help

At our core, we love to help. Our goal is to leave a lasting, positive impression on everyone.

Be Electric

Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym, or you’re a seasoned pro, Vim + Vigor has the gym, amenities, services and friendly staff to help you reach your goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, lift 500lbs, run a 5k, just work out a little more frequently, or to take time for a little “Me Time” and sit on the hydromassage chairs, Vim + Vigor can help you get there.

Working out at Vim + Vigor is about “doing you”... doing what’s best for YOU and focusing on improving your quality of life. If that means more workouts, personal training sessions and dedicating yourself to a fitness goal, GREAT. If that means more hydro massage, red light therapy and relaxing stretching sessions, GREAT. We got you!  

We know that the goals of one member may be completely different than the goals of another member. But no matter what, we offer personal training programs, classes, equipment and amenities to help everyone that walks through our front doors. 

About our Team

Merge your passion and career

Some Vim + Vigor team members are here to make a career in fitness. Some work at Vim + Vigor as a second job or even a second career. Other team members are going to school and need a flexible work schedule.

All these people are in different stages of life but they all have one thing in common... they have a passion for fitness and want to share that passion with others.

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